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“Is Good Enough Enough?” – Seth Godin

Monday, August 13th, 2007

“Most marketing efforts are projects in response to problems”, according to Seth Godin’s most recent blog, “Is Good Enough Enough?“.

I disagree.

Almost ALL marketing efforts are projects in response to problems. At TFM, we run into this on an almost daily basis. What we try to accomplish is convincing our clients that they must prepare ahead of time for these last ditch efforts to market themselves or be a presence in the next conference or trade show, etc.

Convincing clients that marketing is our friend and that planning ahead is not a waste of time or resources is a daunting task, let me tell you. But, if you are able to convince the client that a simple, yet elegant flyer or maybe a short-but-sweet postcard of some sort is good to have and spend money on now, you can work at a creative pace and produce a fantastic piece to be used for months to come.

What the client walks away with is a piece that was planned, well-thought out and simplistic (in a good way) that will speak volumes about their “MO” without the RUSH cost and creativity that is just “good enough”.